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  2. “Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one: the step you are taking right now.” 
    Eckhart Tolle

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  4. "Home is knowing. Knowing your mind, knowing your heart, knowing your courage. If we know ourselves, we’re always home, anywhere."
    — Glinda~the good witch (via diveinme)

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  5. "Inability to accept the mystic experience is more than an intellectual handicap. Lack of awareness of the basic unity of organism and environment is a serious and dangerous hallucination. For in a civilization equipped with immense technological power, the sense of alienation between man and nature leads to the use of technology in a hostile spirit — to the “conquest” of nature instead of intelligent co-operation with nature."
    — Alan Watts (via sunflower-mama)

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  6. "I find I am much more loving when I have not made agreements about how I will love…"
    — Eve Ensler (via venuschild)